Snowsports Industries of America stuff.

POW Gloves - El presidente raps about gloves and horny underwear


In January, Dana and I decided to become a major nuisance at the SnowSports Industries of America trade show in Denver Colorado and we recorded most of it on video. Since the snow season is effectively over for me, and I have a little bit more spare time on my hands, so I decided to go through that video to see what we got. I came across a few nuggets which I thought would be good to share with the public at large including a few peaks at some of the stuff that's slated to come out for the 2010/11 snowboard season, including POW Gloves.

SIA Day 4 - Keeping it Real in Keystone


On day four of the SIA tradeshow, we decided to skip out on the commercial aspects of snowboading and focus on what's really important: the snow, the mountains, and the fun. Brian and Steve of the Sierra crew volunteered to provide us with rides in two senses of the word: a means to get to the mountain, and boards to get us down the mountain (we didn't bring our own snowboards to Denver). We then set our bearing west in the direction of Keystone for a day of riding on Sunday.

SIA Day Two - "All In" for Denver


Friday was the second day of the SIA tradeshow. Day one, on Thursday, had already seemed long in spite of the fact that we didn't really go party that night. In spite of this, I still planned to get an early start on day two. Since Zoe had been fighting a cold, however, we left her behind so she could get some more sleep. We were therefore left to our own devices to take photos so I apologize in advance if there aren't many.

SIA Day One - Team Moose Tech Does Denver


Thursday was the first day of the SIA snowsports trade show in Denver Colorado. Dana, Zoe, and myself woke up early to head down to the Denver Convention Center for some shenanigans. This was the first time any of us had been to Denver (with the exception of the time I spent in the airport last year). We were all very keen on seeing how the Denver SIA show would play out.