Sign of Life - somtimes it gets in the way of writing

There's a famous quote in the movie Frankenstein where Dr. Henry Frankenstein says "Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive..." as his creation comes to life. This seems to be a rather appropriate quote as it applies to the Vociferous Void, my very own creation. Although there haven't been many updates in a long time (months), it still has a faint pulse and is still very much alive ("In the name of God!" says Victor Moritz). I would like to apologize for the lack of noise from the Void since the winter ended. Although it's not an excuse, sometimes life gets in the way of writing, and this summer life has been busy. However, the monster is stirring yet again, just in time for the onset of fall, so get your torches, and pitchforks and assemble into an angry mob in order to kill... err I mean, read some updates.

He's Alive!Young Frankenstein has created another monster... me

It's odd that the winter, typically the busiest time of the year for me, also seems to be the time when I most productively contribute to my website. On the other hand, this isn't so surprising since most of the things that keep me busy in the winter are interesting to write about (or more specifically, people are interested in reading about them). The activities that keep me busy in the summer time are more directed toward facilitating those that I do in the winter, and generally far less interesting. In the off season, I have to join the world of grown ups to earn some scratch for my various winter adventures and projects, and this summer has not been any different.

One of the projects I've been working on in the last few months has been a new website. I hope to launch it later this fall, possibly with great fanfare (probably not), so you'll be receiving a plea from me shortly to update your bookmarks. Hopefully the new site, with its added functionality, will be a bit easier to use (and to update).

A less nerdy, and more adventurous, project that I hope to undertake this season is a winter ascent, and subsequent descent, of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. I came close last season when I toured up to the ridge near the summit of Boott Spur mountain during my level two avalanche certification course, however, I'm committed to taking on the legend that is Mount Washington in winter; I feel that I'm ready now.

If I survive Mount Washington, I'm also planning to attend my second ever Tailgate Alaska in the spring. Next year should be more fun since I now know what to expect. Plus I'm hoping to increase the Canadian contingent at the World Freeride Festival by bringing some locals along. Should be good times.

Most years I would expect that Tailgate would be the last major "hurrah" of the season, however, this year I'm hoping to go one further. Since I taught my cousin Mat to snowboard last season, and since he's now hooked and might be moving to New Zealand in November, I'm hoping to get down to that small island in the south Pacific for some backcountry adventuring next summer and sleeping on Mat's couch.

There is one thing that I'll have to drop from the agenda this year: I won't be attending the SIA tradeshow. I got to give a little to get a little, and frankly I feel that it's a good trade.

So as you can surely see, I have a lot planned for the coming winter (and next summer ironically), and I plan to take some time between all the adventuring to write about it and share it with all of you. In the meantime, check out this video that I stumbled upon the other day while surfing the Snowboard Canada website. Its a Steed Lord music video featuring Andrew Hardingham being Andrew Hardingham.

"According to Steed Lord the idea for this video was born at a WeSC photo shoot last spring in L.A. when WeSC Activists Steed Lord and Andrew Hardingham bonded on an air pumping bass level and decided to make a music video together. A few weeks later Andrew flew into L.A. to shoot for two days with Steed Lord." The song, One Good Reason, will be on Steed Lord's upcoming release Heart II Heart. Enjoy, and rejoice for winter will be here soon.

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