Summer Time - Waste it well with Signal Snowboards

For many, the summer months are a stop gap season. Although some will be lucky enough to head south of the equator to extend their winter (ahem, New Zealand 2011), to most winter sports enthusiasts, summer is a time to learn new sports, perfect less practiced ones, let the body heal, work on their tan, or even fill their brains with nonsense to talk about in the lift lines next winter. This summer, Signal Snowboards is stepping up to provide an assist in the shenanigans department with a new video series called Every Third Thursday.

Signal Snowboards has been a pioneer in finding different techniques for constructing snowboards. With the Flotsam & Jetsam project, they have been recycling discarded base material to manufacture the bases of their own new snowboards which is a step in the right direction for a truly sustainable snowboard industry (in the spirit of the cradle to cradle philosophy).

Even though the durability of their boards has occasionally come into question, the fun factor when riding them generally does not, and you can't fault them for trying to come up with new construction techniques or sources of material for their products. This philosophy of experimentation and creative expression seems to be the essence of their new show. According to the Signal blog, where Every Third Thursday was announced:

"This show will take you through the process at our factory as we build freak boards with random materials, meant to inspire and push the creative boundaries of what a snowboard can be."

I'm curious about what kind of wacky materials they will use.

So if you can't afford to go to Big Mountain Camp in Las Lenas Argentina, and are looking for something to distract you until the snow starts to fall, Every Third Thursday might be a good outlet for you (besides scouring my blog and cogitating on the philosophical ramifications of a snowflake falling to the ground of course). The show will be broadcast on Signals YouTube channel starting June 17th. In the meantime, check out the preview embedded below:

Winter Matters Bubble

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