Everything and anything winter.

Sign of Life - somtimes it gets in the way of writing


There's a famous quote in the movie Frankenstein where Dr. Henry Frankenstein says "Look! It's moving. It's alive. It's alive..." as his creation comes to life. This seems to be a rather appropriate quote as it applies to the Vociferous Void, my very own creation. Although there haven't been many updates in a long time (months), it still has a faint pulse and is still very much alive ("In the name of God!" says Victor Moritz). I would like to apologize for the lack of noise from the Void since the winter ended. Although it's not an excuse, sometimes life gets in the way of writing, and this summer life has been busy. However, the monster is stirring yet again, just in time for the onset of fall, so get your torches, and pitchforks and assemble into an angry mob in order to kill... err I mean, read some updates.

Summer: No Time For Change


Just because winter is over, doesn't mean that it's not on my mind. Maybe sub-consciously, that's why I like Never Summer snowboards so much; in my imagination it's never really summer. This fixation doesn't really fit into Freud's Psychosexual model – although I suppose in a way mountains might be phallic, but that's neither here nor there – yet I'm am quite sure that I'm not suffering from this fever alone, which is why I recently suggested some potential activities to pass the summer months. The productive quality of these activities are questionable, however, so if you're looking for a slightly more constructive endeavour for the summer, perhaps doing something to protect the season you're breathlessly awaiting (i.e. winter) is just the ticket.

SIA Day Three - Rediscovering the essence


Saturday was day three of the SIA snowsports tradeshow. After taking in the free funk served up by Del on Friday, we weren't in a huge rush to get to the convention center. It was a good bet that day three was going to be a low key affair (relatively speaking). The plan was to meet up with some friends from Sierra Snowboard, then take it from there.

SIA Day Two - "All In" for Denver


Friday was the second day of the SIA tradeshow. Day one, on Thursday, had already seemed long in spite of the fact that we didn't really go party that night. In spite of this, I still planned to get an early start on day two. Since Zoe had been fighting a cold, however, we left her behind so she could get some more sleep. We were therefore left to our own devices to take photos so I apologize in advance if there aren't many.