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POW Gloves - El presidente raps about gloves and horny underwear


In January, Dana and I decided to become a major nuisance at the SnowSports Industries of America trade show in Denver Colorado and we recorded most of it on video. Since the snow season is effectively over for me, and I have a little bit more spare time on my hands, so I decided to go through that video to see what we got. I came across a few nuggets which I thought would be good to share with the public at large including a few peaks at some of the stuff that's slated to come out for the 2010/11 snowboard season, including POW Gloves.

Expedition: Alaska - Chapter 1


While I was in Alaska for the World Freeride Festival (better known as Tailgate Alaska), I brought along a GoPro HD Hero camera to document the occasion. I wound up taking more than four hours of video footage while I was there — which might have been more were it not for dying batteries and filled up memory cards — so in the last few weeks I've been sorting through it and putting it together for your enjoyment. The following video is the first chapter of the Shred Labs: Expedition Alaska video series.

2009/10 Burton Supermodel - Shred Labs Board Test


The Burton Supermodel is one of those boards that everyone has heard about, its been around for a long time. However, I'm not certain a whole lot of people have actually ridden it... I decided to take her for a ride and see how she felt (wow, apparently I'm just as dirty as I am polite...)

2009/10 Burton T6 - Shred Labs Board Test


Burton was at my home mountain recently to allow people to demo this year's gear. While they were there, Adam let us take some boards out to do some tests. One of the boards that we tested was the 2009/10 Burton T6. I've never actually ridden the T6, although a few years ago one was offered to me as a loaner when I found pressure cracks on my APO Family 58. My APO lasted the weekend, however, (and incidentally the rest of the season) so I didn't get an opportunity to try out the T6 until now so I was looking forward to seeing what it was all about.